Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vege Sandwich


Snow pea shoots (hard ends removed)
Omega 3 Linseeds + Soya 6 pk rolls (from pak n save)
Fresh Tomato slices (sliced thinly)
Sautéed veges (capsicum, onion, mushrooms, garlic) (opt)
Feta cheese
Dips green onion (Country Goodness 250 g)
Peri Peri Sauce
Sweet Chilli and Ginger Sauce


Spread green onion dip on both sides of sliced bread, veges next, feta cheese, peri peri sauce on top, sweet chilli and ginger sauce, sliced tomato, salt and pepper (opt), sprouts on top, cover with the other half of the bread and serve.


Snow pea shoots on special - $ 0.99
Omega 3 Linseeds + Soya 6 pk rolls - $ 1.98
Dips green onion on special - $0.99

© 2014 by Rajani Rayudu

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Hari Chandana said...

Beautiful capture!!