Friday, November 10, 2006

Mushroom palak korma


Oil - 3 tbsp
Whole garam masala - (cinnamon 1 inch, cloves 2, caradamom 1, bayleaf 2 no, cumin seeds 1 tspn.)

Onions - 2 m (sliced and diced)
Ginger and Garlic paste - 1 tsp

Garam masala powder - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Cayenne pepper - 1/4 th tsp
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp

Chopped Tin Tomatoes - 3/4 th
Yoghurt - 1 big spatula

Button mushrooms - 10 no.s (cut in half )
Almonds - Handful (toasted in microwave and chopped)

Palak/Spinach - a bunch
Green chillies - 6 no.

Wash and cook Palak and chillies, until leaves are wilted with out adding any water and grind in to paste.

Water - to the level of blade (when u have grinded the palak and kept aside.)
Coriander leaves - handful


1) Take a non.stick pan add oil heat it up, add the whole garam masala, pop everything.

2) Add onion stir and cook until golden brown, add gg paste and all the powders and fry.

3) Add tomatoes and cook until mushy. take the dish off from the heat add yoghurt little at a time mix vigorously until u finish it off with all the yoghurt, back to the flame until oil floats.

(Meanwhile saute mushrooms in little oil in nonstick pan and keep aside.)

4) Add palak (stir in point 3), add chopped up almonds, sauteed mushrooms mix gently and add water mix once again, and put the lid slightly apart and cook for 10 mins.

5) Add salt and coriander leaves cook 5 more mins until a way is formed underneath.

Serve with Jeera rice or Phulka or Naan

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu


Rajani Rayudu said...

chinni said...
Hi Rajani,

Me blog bavundi ane list lo nannu veskondi. Your presentation and Tips are really nice. I tried you Mushroom Palak kurma and Andhra Chepala Pulusu. Both came really good.



Shwetha said...

rajani garu,
I am trying your mushroom recipe this week.I have bought from store too.Can I use fresh tomatoes cut into pieces in this recipe?Does it alter the taste of the mushroom dish.
pls let me know.....I am a big fan of your all recipes.
waiting for your reply.It's urgent.thanks in advance.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Shwetha,

Yes you can use fresh tomatoes. try and see. Let me know your feed back. my tomato tin weighs 400 g. reduce qty as per recipe and follow.


Shwetha said...

ExtraOrdinary.I can't explain how delicious it is.I can eat only korma as it is.
Really!!!!superb!!!!Restaurant ki velli thinnattlu chaala goppaga undi.I have used fresh tomatoes and did not have yogurt in my fridge.Still it was mmmmmmm...thank u so much for your recipe.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Shweta,

thanks for your feed back. meeru anta baga cheseru annamta restauranty style :-)