Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Experiment food

I don't know what we eat or drink got any vitamins in it or not, but surely look at this drink it is very healthy made up of beetroot, carrot and strawberries. Now I get it drink healthy juices to get a-z vitamins in your body hihi....... any way Beet Treat was blogged by Pooja from "creativepooja" blog. Thanks Pooja for your healthy drink. Even my friends kid liked it, he wants to drink every sunday itseems. Isn't it nice to get compliments from a kid. For extra taste I have added honey to the drink and pulsed it.

What is that I have experimented here, well "Ginger -Lemon- Rasam" from One Hot Stove blogged by Nupur. It is interesting after I have made the rasam and tasted it, it tasted just like pappu charu the way my amma makes it. Thanks Nupur........

Photo: Lamb Curry, Aloo Fry (add capsicum when u are adding gg paste).

Thank u once again to Pooja and Nupur for wonderful and creative touch in their recipes.

© 2007 by Rajani Rayudu


Nupur said...

Thanks for trying it! So glad you enjoyed it :) The whole meal looks delicious.

SaRa said...

hi there.. was juz looking thru yr blog.. e food looks ao delicious n tasty... yet to try any1 of dem.. but im sure it will be tazty... yummy blog:p,

Asha said...

Looks delicious,great choices to make.Could you please link to the original recipes,we could try them too!;D

swapna susarla said...

Hi rajani
nice dishes..
i loved those small bowls rajani..

Sene said...

Looks absolutely yummy!!

Mrs. K said...

Beetroots, carrots and strawberries! What more do you need to make it nutritious? Sounds yummy too.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Nupur
Thank u for your recipe. Yup my friends too liked your ginger rasam. It is absolutely a keeper.

Hi Sara
Welcome to my blog. Do try the recipes and let me know your feed back.

Hi Asha
I have linked the recipes, just click on them.

Hi Swapna
Thank u. Isn't it nice we are getting lots of varieties of dishes now a days, when ever I visit India I just want to bring everything from there but for my country only 20kilos are allowed for travel gurrrr...

Hi Sene
Thank u very much.

Yes it is nutritious once in a while it's good to drink healthy drinks. Probably our skin might even glow if we drink. Haha.......


Pooja said...

hi rajani,
thanks for complimenting my idea of beet treat.
nice that you liked it. its really nice to know when kids like it. thanks again.