Monday, December 18, 2006

Experiment Food

Today I have tried "Panasathonalu" from "krishnaarjuna" blog. They look as if they are difficult to make, but when u actually make them they are very simple. Do try them for festivals or just treat yourself.

Thank u Krishna Arjuna for your tasty recipe.

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu


KA said...

Glad to know that panasa thonalu experiment turned out successful for you. They are very easy to make, aren't they?

On a separate note: I would love to try that orange loaf recipe you have mentioned. Can you please post it sometime?

Lakshmi said...

Hi Rajani, even i made them following Arjuna's recipe, came out so good, and everybody liked it.
yours looks so good.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Krishnaarjuna
Yup they are very easy to make. Tried in the evening to see how it will do. Did with rice cup measure and I have plenty of them, with less flour. Thank u once again.

Regarding Loaf recipe I will post it for u today but with out pictures. I have to get orange first to post pictures.

Hi Lakshmi
Thanks andi. Memu christmas chesukopoyina tree konnamu but there are no sweets to go with it. so thought lets do some unusual ones and did the krishnaarjuna's recipe, it's a big hit.