Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get together Menu

I am really sorry for not taking any photos, actually too lazy or too tired by the time everything is ready. Ok just imagine how it will be.....:-)

These are the things I cooked yesterday for a small group of friends. Deciding what to cook my head just spins, thats the most difficult part. Once decided I make sure everything ready before cooking.

For appetizers:

Chicken Leg Fry (end twisted with foil for presentation, this time I cooked in an oven.)

Chicken Lollipops 

For Mains:

Plain Rice

Pepper Lamb (cook the same way as Pepper Chicken, will post some time separetly)

Yoghurt (this one is compulsory for Indian dinner, it cools you down after eating lots of spicy food)

For Drinks:

Mango Lassi (would be good option, I didn't made, some times it doesn't strike me, any how here it is winter, so for summer people you can always opt for this)

For Chutney:

Gongura Pachadi 

For Dessert:

Pulla Ice cream (hihi....... it's Magnum Chocalate)

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