Sunday, April 15, 2007

Experiment Food

I have searched whole internet how to do Vangi Baath. In the end I ended up doing Vangi Baath recipe from "MasalaMagic" blogged by Latha. She is just so sweet in sharing the authentic way. Isn't she very humble person? ya!
Thanks Latha for your recipe and there are few other dishes too which I have tried from your blog and will post them later.

I have added 1-2 handful of peanuts in seasoning. I have also added some Frozen broad beans which I boiled in salted water for 5mins, and added them half way through frying eggplant and further fried. The beans complimented the eggplant and were very tasty!

Serve this with Perugu Chutney or Raita.

© 2007 by Rajani Rayudu