Thursday, December 07, 2006


For making Phulka:

*Oil - 1 tbsp
*Salt - 1 tsp

Mix these in a wide deep bowl.

*Water - 1 cup (Kettle boiled water)

Mix these to the above.

*Plain flour - 2 cup

Add flour to the above and mix with big spoon to combine, cool little and mix with your hand until soft plaible dough consistency, use little flour while kneading. Roll it in to big lemon size, smear oil on each dough ball, cover and rest for 30 mins.

Heat a tawa, now roll each ball in to circle with the help of plain flour. keep this on hot tawa and cook lightly on both sides, turn again the second time and press cooked side with a cloth, gently pressing on all sides. Turn it over and do the same. Keep each cooked phulkas inside a towel immediately and wrap or in a roti basket. Serve hot.

Serve with any curry or do it my way, I served with Cauliflower fry and yoghurt on side.

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu

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