Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Experiment Food

Is it raining outside why don't we have garam garam mirchi bajji's . Yes I know we need to get hold of Chillies first. Last weekend we visited chilli farming got hold of variety of chillies. I washed few variety of chillies and kept in the freezer to use year long.
For the remaining chillies I made Mirchi Bajji blogged by Lakshmi from "myrasoi". What can I say picture says it all. It tasted like the ones we get near road side wheeler. Slit these fried chillies in the middle serve with finely chopped red onion, Chat Masala and few drops of lemon juice.

For a variation I have tried Cut Mirchi too, blogged by lakshmi. They are absolutely perfect. These stays in fridge for a weak. Just warm up in microwave and serve with finely chopped Red Onion, Lemon juice and Chat Masala.

Wow Lakshmi thank u very much for your recipe, this one is a keeper.

Chilli Farm (this one is absolute heaven.)

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