Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Black-eyed Pea Curry / Alasandalu Kura

store these pulses in your pantry. these r always comes handy when no veges around to cook.


Black eyed Pea - 1 rice cup (wash n soak in water overnight, discard this water while cooking)
Water - 2 n 1/2 rice cups
Salt - 1/2 tsp

- Pressure cook these all for 4 whistles in small cooker. once done keep aside.

Oil - 3 tbsp

Whole masala - 1 bay leaf,  1/2 inch cinnamon,  2 whole black pepper,  2 cloves,  1/2 tsp cumin seeds

Turmeric - 1/2 tsp

Green chillies - 2 (slit in half)
Onion - 1 medium (chopped finely)

Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp

Spice powders - 1 tsp chilli powder,  1 tsp chicken masala Powder (recipe down below)

Tomatoes - 2 large + 1 small (chopped)
Curry leaves - few sprigs (torn to pieces)
Kasoori methi - 1 tsp

Water - (use cooked water)

Coriander leaves - handful (chopped finely)


Heat oil in a flat deep pan on medium heat, once hot add whole masala. fry for few secs.

Add turmeric stir n add chopped onion n green chilli. mix well cover n cook for 5 mins.

Add gg paste n keep flame on low n stir, cover n cook for few mins. then add spice powders. stir well. once the raw smell goes away from gg paste (it takes around 4 mins together),

Add chopped tomato,  chopped curry leaves, Kasoori methi, stir n increase heat to medium, cover n cook for 5 mins (keep stirring in between).

Add salt (remember u already added salt while pressure cooking 'peas) n with a slotted spoon add cooked black eyed peas n stir well for 3 mins.

Now add cooked water, mix well bring to boil on high n reduce to simm flame, cover n cook for 10 mins.

Taste for salt now n add chopped coriander leaves mix well, cover n simm for 5 mins. Switch off. discard bay leaves n leave it covered for atleast an hour.

Serve with Chapati or Jeera Rice.

(Black-eyed Peas)


Black-eyed Pea = Alasandalu/ Lobia/ Chawli

Chicken Masala Powder (no need to roast the spices) :-

6 tsp Coriander seeds, 2 tsp Poppyseeds, 10 Cloves, 8 Cardamom, Cinnamon stick 2 inch - grind these in to powder using coffee grinder. Remaining powder keep it closed, in airtight container or use for other recipes which I have used in earlier posts.

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