Thursday, May 12, 2011

Get together Menu - 5

Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken...

Daddojanem, Jeera Rice, Garlic naan (these are smeared just when guests arrive so garlic missing)...

Get-together menu:

Samosa (opt)

Jeera Rice

Dal Makhani

Aloo Gobhi (dry version, opt)

Feijoa Smoothie (few feijoas take the inner part, banana or pear if you wish, few scoops of vanilla ice cream and few tbsp of water, run it in mixie and serve)

 (my tea table setting, in the middle, fruit bowl was gifted by Padma Ram)

(elephant was gifted by my akka Nirmala, and stylish glass serve by Swapna, I have filled these with easter eggs)

© 2011 by Rajani Rayudu


Hari Chandana P said...

Nice Menu.. Photos chala bagunnayi :)
Indian Cuisine

Rajani Rayudu said...


villanyszerel├ęs said...

Hmmmm, delicious! :)

Rajani Rayudu said...


Desi Trends said...

wow so many varieties, mee intiki guest ga ravalanundi andi :)

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi DG,

thanks. tappakunda randi. mee blogs chala bavunnayi.


Anonymous said...

Please email to recipes.Thank you.