Friday, November 24, 2006

Experiment Food

Today I experimented Cauliflower Korma by Kurma from "Iskcon". It is very rich in taste and tastes good. If you are going to make this, I would recommend do it for potluck or just call friends for dinner, therefore you are not eating away all the calories by yourself.

I served with my Puri and my own Mango Lassi, ya I know every one knows puri. So I am not giving you Puri recipe, but I will give you some tips to overcome the oil which comes with the puri after deep frying.


* Keep layers of news paper on a bench and a large plate with serviattes covering entire plate.

* For digestion, it's good to add 2pinch of ajwain while kneading the dough.

* The skillet which you are using should have wide mouth on the top and deep enough.

* Do small balls out of the dough and roll it, Hold the rolled puri gently by not tearing nor scratch with fingers and put in hot oil and gently holding slotted spoon press gently on all sides of the puri, by doing this oil will touch the puri and puff up. Turn it over and cook for a little while. Remove and keep this on a plate which has serviattes and transfer these on news paper keep puri's side by side, on top of it put another news paper and press gently to remove any excess oil.

For lassi follow my Mango Lassi recipe.

I did few modifications for cauliflower recipe not much but little bit. Added 2tbsp ghee + 2tbsp oil instead of only oil or ghee, after that fried 1star anise, later added 1/2no. finely chopped red onion, fried a bit added 1tsp each ginger and garlic paste instead of ginger. added 1/2tsp turmeric, 1/2tspn cayenne pepper instead of green chillies. Didn't add any red chilli powder, I want to leave the korma yellowish not reddish as we do for curries. I used rice cup measure not 250 ml cup. I only used half of big cauliflower. Remaining ingredients are exactly, Enjoy.

I am providing the link instead of writing it down, don't want to take away his credit and thank you Kurma for your wonderful recipe.

Cauliflower Korma

by Kurma from "iskcon"

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu