Monday, August 04, 2008

Keema Vepudu/ Fry and Keema Naan

***Keema Vepudu/ Fry:


Lamb mince - 500 g
Ginger and Garlic paste - 1 tsp each
Salt to taste
Chilli powder - 3 tsp
Turmeric - 1 tsp
Red color - 1/4 tsp
Water - 1 cup

Pressure cook these for 8-10 whistles.

Oil - 4 - 5 tbsp

Green chillies - 5 no. (sliced round)
Onion - 2 m (finely chopped)

Masala powder - {Cardamom - 5, Whole cloves - 5, Cinnamon stick - 5 and Coriander seeds - 2 tsp - roast these with out oil and powder}

Mint - 2 handful
Coriander leaves - handful


Heat oil in a deep flat non-stick pan, add chillies fry for few secs.

Add onion and fry until golden brown.

Add cooked keema (with out water) and fry for 1 min.

Add masala powder, mint and coriander leaves and fry until all water is evaporated and serve.

Serve with Rice, Ghee, Rasam and Yoghurt on side.

***Naan dough (egg less):


Milk - 2/3 cup (luke warm)
Sugar - 1 tsp
Yeast - 1 tsp

Mix these and keep aside until needed.

Butter - 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp (for smearing)

Melt this in a microwave safe bowl.

Yoghurt - 3 tbsp

Plain flour - 2 cups
Salt - 1 tsp

Mix these together. Add 2 tbsp melted butter to it, mix it well, it looks crumbly. Add yogurt and mix well with your fingers. Add yeast milk and mix well, if it is wet add little flour and knead for 5 mins until soft dough consistency, cover it and leave this on top of the water heater or near a warm place for 3 hrs.

If you want plain naan just dip the rolls in flour, flattened a bit and roll them in to round shape. Please read the cooking procedure for Plain Naan. For garlic naan just add 1 clove of mashed garlic to the butter mixture.

***Stuffing and rolling Keema Naan:

After 3 hrs knead the dough again and make lemon sized balls.

Take one dough and keep it on bench top, hold the rolling pin, press 4 corners, not the middle. Repeat this for all the dough rolls.

Now take few tspns of cooled keema mixture and keep it in the middle of the dough

Now carefully wrap them by lifting one corner of dough by placing on the mixture. Keep wrapping until you finished it off with it. Press gently and hold in your palms and carefully make a dough patty. Keep this in the bowl lightly dusted with flour.

Repeat this to all the dough rolls.

Hold one stuffed dough, roll in the flour, keep the thicker side of the dough facing towards you and wrapping side faces towards the bench.

Gently roll it into round shape, repeat for all the stuffed dough balls and keep aside.

***Cooking Keema Naan:

Heat a iron skillet on medium-low heat, when it is hot keep stuffed naan on it. Cook until small bubbles appear on top, turn it over and smear melted ghee on top. Turn again and smear melted ghee, when golden spots appear under neath, turn again and do the same. Keep this in a kitchen towel or Roti basket.

Repeat this process until you finished all of them.

Serve it with Butter chicken or Paneer gravy.

© 2008 by Rajani Rayudu