Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Dinner

We had a potluck dinner at my place on Christmas night. We made Haleem, Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani, Double-ka-meetha and Egg Less Fruit Cake

                 Our friends brought Chilli Chicken, Prawn Curry, Sambhar/s (two actually), Cucumber Raita, Carrot Halwa (Oh!my my) and Jilebi.

Dinner went very well, until.............. we tasted the carrot halwa!
We felt it a bit salty when we tasted and initially we thought we just imagining things.
One of our friends asked if I made it, and I said nope.
Felt bit weird why he was asking me the question and I tasted it to check whats wrong. It looked very good to me, but after tasting I said it has salt in it.... every one laughed! Yup... itseems when he is making the dessert he mistakenly jazzed it up with salt. Poor guy!
Any how, because of his little misadventure, we had a good laugh and Many thanks to my friend for make us remember god! AMEN!!! hihi...........

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu


Sari said...

Hiya Rajani,
Compliments of the Season. Just wanted to update you that I have posted all the sweets recipe that you asked for. These are a must try...

Now that was really funny, eeekkssssss salted carrot halwa. It happens sometimes.

I remember once my mom made tea for one of the guest unknowingly with salt and that guest drank the whole cup of tea without uttering a word. After he had gone, mum decided to have the remaining tea and she was shocked that the poor chap drank the salted tea. She called and appologized and the guy was still in his salted moods......

Rajitha said...

Hi Rajani,

Just came by your blog… you have got a good food blog going here… keep posting all the yummy recipes for amateurs like me to try..

Rajani said...

Hi Sari
Thank u very much.

Hi rajitha
Welcome to my blog. Do try them and let me know.


Anu said...

hi rajini me blog chala bagundandi iam getting married soon cooking nerchukundaniki,experiments cheyadaniki chala useful ga undi till now tried dals from ur blog they are nice konni english lo rastunaru kada ingredients avi teliyatledui mean masala lo use chesevi

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for your comments. I already put spices in mee kosam section.


My masala ingredients are easy to find in there or drop me your comment I will write to you.


Sowmya said...

Why did you write "hi hi" after Amen!!? Sounds like you are not a Christian but please please DO NOT make fun of God! Thanks. Sowmya

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Soumya,

what ************are you talking about. Please read entire text before commenting. No one is making fun of god even if it is christian or hindu or muslim. Please stop discriminating people by talking about religion.

Rajani Rayudu

Unknown said...

Hi Rajani garu

I came across your blog today. I like your recipes. Keep posting