Monday, August 09, 2010

Beetroot Halwa

Easy peasy beetroot halwa if you have food processor and gulab jamun syrup in hand :-)


Beetroot - 3 m (skin removed, top and tail off and cut them into wedges and grate in food proceesor)

Cardamom - 6 no. (powder)
Gulab jamun syrup - 8 gartelu (gunta garte)
Ghee - 50 g + 50 g


Heat a deep nonstick kadai, add ghee 50 g once started to melt add grated beet-root and fry for 10 mins.

Add cardamom powder, mix and add gulab jamun syrup, mix well, keep it covered and cook these until all the syrup is absorbed by beet-root and is cooked, it will take 30 mins, make sure you keep stirring in between.

Once syrup is absorbed add remaining ghee and fry for 2 mins and switch off.


Gunta gartelu = spatula used for rasam or sambhar.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or serve in small steel bowls as a party dish.


Use gulab jamun syrup only, to give glossy finish for beetroot halwa. You will be surprised to the taste. and please don't for get to leave your feed back :-), much appreciated.

© 2010 by Rajani Rayudu