Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kenwood Food Processor FP920

Some useful tips for usage of food processor in making Indian recipes easier:

1) Grater:

I use for grating 1 kg block of cheese in mins. phew!

Good for grating Carrot - like you can make for Carrot vepudu or Carrot Halwa.

2) Dough attachment:

Good for mixing dough for roti's. just keep the mixed dough for 10 mins in fridge and do roti's. Do roti's in bulk and keep in freezer. Just thaw outside for 15 mins before and cook again.

3) Chopper attachement (those metal blades):

These days I am doing Bobbatlu with these easy tip. do the puran and chop in the food processor to grind like a paste. keep this aside. In the same bowl remove the metal blade and keep the dough attachment and do the outer dough. Keep these separately in an airtight container and keep in fridge. as when ever needed do bobbatlu. keep the dough 15 mins before for pliable dough while making Bobbatlu.

3) Slicer attachement:

First run the food processor with the slicer attachment in tact for few secs and while motor running put whole potato (skin removed) for thinner discs. Potato slices can be used for making Aloo bajji.

4) Juicer attachment:

I use it for Mango lassi.

5) Small jar attachment:

I use it for grinding almonds to fine powder for making Smoothies.

Some more useful tips in future.................... or include your tips for using food processor I will include here. Thanks!

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