Monday, June 06, 2011

Get-together menu - 6

 Sambhar, Arachintakaya tomato Curry, Gongura Pachadi, Kobbari Annam
 Aloo Kurma, Roti Maker Roti's, Baingan Burta
 Plain Rice and MTR Masala Papad (highly recommend)

We had small vegetarian get-together party. Pulkas were done by Swapna who is expert in making Roti's in Roti maker :-) thanks andi. If you are making this type of menu I would recommend Samosa or Vege Spring rolls for starters with some Bendi fry on side and Mango lassi (if it's summer), end with some thing sweet like Chocolate Brownie!!


Arachintakaya = Long beans
Baingan = Eggplant = Vankaya
Aloo = Potato
Bendi = Okra = Bendakaya

© 2011 by Rajani Rayudu


Anonymous said...

hi can you post a photo post of how to do rotis in toti maker

Hari Chandana P said...

super delicious recipes.. menu chala bagundi :)
Indian Cuisine

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Anon,

will do in future. thanks!

Hi Chandu,



Anonymous said...

hi rajani

Thanks for your sharing your wonderful menu idea. can you please show us a tutorial of making rotis in the roti maker.....pleazzzzzzzzzz will be waiting for one.....i bought one maker but its sitting idle in my store room.....pleazzzzz help


Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Madhu,

ya will post it leisurely.


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Wow! Nice post. I'm getting hungry now. Thanks for sharing. It really looks delicious.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi EP,

thanks. lately I am having too many get togethers. trying to relax now.


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Rajani Rayudu said...

Hello to Jaipur,

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.


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Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Seo,

you are welcome.


Marie Greenhalgh said...

So delicious recipes! I want these also. I hope I know how to cook these food. Thanks for the photos! Marie Greenhalgh

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