Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tortilla Twists


Refried Beans (with green chilli, Casa Fiesta) - 1 tin (remove the bean paste in microwave container cook it for 2 mins.)

Carrot - 1 no. (skin removed and grated)
(grated) - as required
Lettuce* - shred in to pieces.

Keep all these in a plate.

Sauces and powders we need :

Tomato sauce

Hot chilli sauce
Caesar vinaigrette (or any salad dressing you prefer but no mayonaisse please)

Cayenne pepper
Salt little

Leftover yellow egg (remembered if you left out egg from Pesarettu, use here)
Tortillas (store bought)

Keep these on one side.


Keep Tawa on one side and a plate on another side.

1 ) Vegetarian Twist -

Heat tawa on high, cook the Tortilla lightly on both sides. Put it on a plate next to you (reduce the tawa heat until you assemble all and increase the heat when you are almost finishing your filling.) now vertically put 1 big tbsp refried bean paste in the middle spread it lengthwise.
add some grated carrot on top of it, add the sauces pouring vertically, sprinkle little cayenne pepper on it. Keep lettuce on top, next add handful of grated cheese or even less (remember to increase the heat) now hold both together and keep it on hot tawa, heat it and fold one corner in the middle and overlap with other on top cook for little while and serve.

2) Egg Twist -

Beat the yellow part of the egg. Heat the Tawa, keep the tortilla pour egg mixture all around the tortilla, sprinkle little salt and cayenne pepper. Cook the tortilla on both sides. keep this on a plate, stuff on egg side as above and cook it the same way as vegetarian twist.

3) Cheese Lovers Twist -

Grate cheese, cayenne pepper, green capsicum (little)- chopped finely and some basil.

Heat the tawa, keep the Tortillas on a plate sprinkle some of the grated cheese all around, little cayenne pepper, basil and some capsicum, cover it with another tortilla on top. Transfer this on to hot tawa cook it on both sides (becareful when you are turning, turn it on a plate and transfer this to hot tawa). Serve this with sweet chilli sauce. Yum.............


Here I am using Ice berg lettuce, why? it gives nice crunch when you are biting.

If you put tortilla on one another they become quesidilla.

Can use tomato ketchup instead of tomato sauce, Instead of italian dressing one can use avocado garlic dressing.

© 2006 by Rajani Rayudu


Lakshmi said...

mi blog chala bavundi, even the recipes you post are yummy. naku kulfi ante ishtamu, but that day I missed to save it, can you forward the link to me. Please.
Adding you to my blog roll Rajani.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks a lot Rajani

Lakshmik said...

Hi Rajani

Nice recipes here. Do you also get a vegetarian version of the refried beans? Because most of the time they either have chicken stock or beef stock in them.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Lakshmi
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

Hi Lakshmik
It is vegetarian Refried beans with green chill all natural CASA FIESTA tin. It has no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. Ingredients are cooked beans (97%), water, green chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, salt, vegetable oil and garlic. Hope this might have helped you.
Rajani Rayudu