Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Serves - 2 (2 wraps per person):


Tandoori Chicken (thigh piece) - 1 no. (shred it, keep the bone for pot biryani)

Carrot - 2 no. (large, skin removed and grate)
Salad Mix - as needed (1 pack, we buy from paknsave)

Sliced Jalapeno Peppers - as needed (3 per each wrap)
Nachos - 7 no. (crush like big pieces, not powdery)

Tomato Sauce - as needed
Habanero Pepper Sauce - as needed (Louisiana Gem)
Thousand Island Dressing - as needed (we have edmonds)
Yoghurt Sauce - as needed {3/4 th katori thick yoghurt (strained in a tea strainer), 1/2 tsp chaat masala powder, salt a pinch, habanero sauce 1 tsp, garlic 1 (pressed with garlic presser), lime juice 1/2 no., pinch of sugar - mix everything in a katori well and keep aside in fridge until needed.}

Tortillas - 4 no.
Cheddar Cheese - as needed (grated)

(Close-up view)


Heat a tawa or skillet on medium heat. once hot put the tortilla cook on few secs, turn and sprinkle cheese in the middle vertically. close the tortilla press with spatula (this way cheese melts quickly) and turn again to get few brown spots. immediately remove and open while stuffing.

Put the cheese wrap on a plate, put some grated carrot vertically on top of cheese, put some salad mix, put few pieces of tandoori chicken, put 3 jalapenos, drizzle with tomato sauce, drizzle with habanero sauce, drizzle with thousand island dressing, drizzle with yoghurt sauce, sprinkle nachos on top. Fold both the ends on one top of the other to make a wrap and serve immediately.

Do the rest while serving only, otherwise it will get soggy.

We are two, I will heat the tortillas 1 at a time and my husband stuff with the above stuffing and switch off the stove. once finished eating we come again and do the rest.

© 2012 by Rajani Rayudu


magic said...

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Fatima said...

very nice dish

Unknown said...

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