Saturday, February 11, 2012


Makes - 22 badushas


Plain Flour - 4 rice cups (sieve it before adding to food processor)
Baking soda - 1 tsp
Melted Butter - 1 rice cup
Yoghurt - 1 rice cup + 3 tbsp (or less)

Sugar - 2 rice cups
Water - 1 rice cup

Cardamom - 4 (pound in pestle)
Lemon juice - 1 tsp

Oil - for deep frying

Sliced grated Almonds 


Mixing the dough:

In a food processor, put the dough thingi, to the bowl add melted butter + soda, close the lid and pulse it for few secs.

Add yoghurt little by little and pulse again until well combined.

Remove lid scrape all the mixture from top and add it to the bowl itself, to that, add entire flour, cover and mix it on maximum speed for 60 secs, stop and do again for every 60 secs until it forms like a ball.

Remove this to a plastic container, cover it with wet cloth and put lid on top. leave this aside for 1 and 1/2 hr.

(mean while keep the oil heated in a kadai on simmer heat)

Making Badusha shapes:

Smear some oil on a plate. Smear little oil or ghee on your palms and take gooseberry size balls out of it and roll nicely and slightly press it to a flat round and put dent with ring finger slightly not too deep may be until you reach 3/4 th, keep this on the plate side by side. once every thing done, cover it with wet cloth and keep lid on top.

Ready for deep frying:

Once oil is hot enough drop the dent side facing down towards kadai first (this makes the dent to be intact otherwise if you put the other way the dough will come closer and you won't get nice badusha shape).

You have to fry on simmer heat. keep pouring oil from sides on top of badushas so that they won't crack while frying. Once golden color on one side, turn it over very gently and fry again until golden color. now keep turning to the other side for few secs to get evenly fried.

(badusha is frying on the other side)
(mean while do sugar syrup)

Getting ready for Sugar syrup:

In another dish add sugar + water and cook it until 2 string consistency with candy thermometer it reaches some where between 230 d F - 233 d F. switch off and add cardamom powder and lemon juice to it.

(just have a wee look once finished frying about to dip in syrup)

Once Badushas are fried on both sides add this directly to syrup and leave for 1 min on each side and remove to a plate and decorate immediately with sliced grated almonds (no need to roast).

Add the remaining batch to oil and fry the same way and drop them in syrup and remove every 2 mins. and keep on plate. and do garnishing.

Let it cool completely before you serve otherwise you will have the smell of fat. and it makes you unpleasant to eat.


When ever you are making rounds cover the remaining dish-balls with wet cloth.

These should be fried gently not on medium heat simmer heat is good.

While adding badusha balls to oil remember the dent should goes towards the bottom of the pan first.

And drizzle the oil on the uncooked side. this way cracks will be minimum.

Do not immerse in sugar syrup too long it might break. so do accordingly.

Food processor makes nice and fluffy and less pain in mixing the dough.

Invest in buying Candy thermometer.

If the syrup became less do with more sugar just the way to get string consistency.

Remember to check whether it is cooked or not.


do not make when you are only two, can't resist while eating do for pot luck or for get together or even birthday party or treat your loved ones on valentine day.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

© 2012 by Rajani Rayudu


S K said...

This is my favorite sweet. Thanks for posting the recipe. WIll surely try

Send Free SMS said...

I definitely will be making pretty and so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Nikitha Muttaluri said...

I made this today and turned out good, I couldn't believe myself that I made the sweet. Thanks to you :) one question though mine didn't puff up like the ones in the pic, what might be the reason??

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi SK,

thanks for your comments. Do try and let me know.


thanks for your comments.

HI Nikitha,

Thanks for your feedback. Did you put that in food processor, it is doing good job. and cook on low-sim madyana petti cheyatem better. Trail and error.


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